a Client tailored photo and self-love session, in collaboration with Psychologist Iani De Kock

A snippet out of my "Empowering You" initiative.
As a society we have become a lot more vocal about body norms and the importance of promoting a positive body image. However, we are still confronted with unatainable beauty standards on social, broadcast and printed -media, on a daily basis. Even though marketing & ad agencies have systematically introduced a wider variety of body shapes and sizes, we cannot seem to help ourselves from looking at the beautiful model in the bikini and let our comparisons run wild.
As women, we often end up with insecurties and anxiety, trying to live up to these expectations which have been engraved in our minds throughout our youth.

The 'Empowering YOU’ initiative was born and inspired by women, for women, to help them find and embrace the love & respect for their bodies, from within.


- 30min consultation, meet and greet & shoot planning

- 1HR Meditation & Self-love session with Iani De Kock

- 1,5hrs Photoshoot 

- 10 high res edited images 

Shoot packages can vary in price if you choose to do your own make up/ styling.

Each shoot is client specific and will be like no other. 

Sessions also available without a Psychologist







"My nude photoshoot with Lexi literally changed my life! My husband of 20 years always told me I was beautiful. He always made me feel beautiful, but despite his constant words of encouragement, inside I always felt I was not. I felt guilty for feeling the opposite of what he was telling me, and felt I owed it to him to show him that I believed him and appreciated his love, so when his birthday came around, I really wanted to show him how much I loved him and that’s when I started thinking of doing a nude photoshoot to surprise him.
I contacted Lexi after seeing some of her beautiful photos on Instagram. I was beyond nervous, and had no idea what to expect, but Lexi with absolute professionalism and care from start to finish walked me through, what I count as one of the most important experiences of my life. Working with Lexi opened the door to self-love, confidence and empowerment as a woman, that I never had before. Lexi’s talent is extraordinary, in that she is able to see the individual beauty that is inside you, capture it and present it against stunning landscapes.
My husband absolutely loves the pictures, and says it was the best gift I could ever have given him, because with the photos he got the gift of a wife, who is now confident and loves her body.
I will be doing another shoot with Lexi when I’m 50… and probably again every decade thereafter if I’m blessed to still be on this planet… because we owe it to ourselves to be true to who we are, and celebrate the beautiful gift of being a woman." Paula

"I have been blessed with very few insecurities about my body when I was young, I honestly just lived a happy-go-lucky life wearing whatever I felt like to express my inner self. Then approaching my 30th I fell pregnant and even then loved my body and how I felt being pregnant. After I had my beautiful daughter, my body began to change, I gained so much weight and my physique was so drastic to me I hardly recognized myself, I worked very hard to bring myself back better than I was before mind, body and soul. So when I approached Lexi to do my nude shoot with me, I knew I was in a safe place to feel free to be me. She honestly makes you feel so comfortable during the shoot, which for me was about trying to love myself all over again, with my new body, People only see the exterior but for me body image is so much more, when I look back to this shoot, I see someone who overcame, worked hard and reinvented herself. I will always remember the hardship I endured after pregnancy and the hard work I did to get rid of my weight to once again feel comfortable in my own skin, the best version of me!!!" - JO

“The first time I ever did a professional shoot in my career was with Lexi, and it happened to be my very first nude shoot. I was 19 at the time and still growing into myself and my womanhood. For a 19 year old girl it was the most empowering shoot I had done, working with Lexi was an absolute dream, I was clueless as it was my first ever shoot, she direcated me especially well, made me feel so comfortable and told me exactly what she wanted from me and prior to the shoot gave me a full brief to prepare myself. It was the most tasteful nude shoot I’ve done and it kick started my career and gave me the confidence to grow as a model and also to grow within myself and love and appreciate my body." - A

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