Welcome to the captivating world of Alexandra Klöhn, a Namibian/South African photographer, director, and creative powerhouse renowned for her expertise in fashion, fine-art nude, swimwear, product, interior, and travel photography. With a diverse skill set that spans photography, creative direction, production services, retouching, and video, Alexandra is a true visionary in the world of visual storytelling.

Growing up in the breathtaking landscapes of Namibia, Alexandra developed an intimate connection with nature, which continues to serve as her ultimate muse and favored backdrop for her captivating photoshoots. Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing natural light, she skillfully harnesses its nuances to illuminate the beauty of her subjects in unparalleled ways.

Having traversed the landscapes of Australia and Croatia before setting her sights on Indonesia for an enriching two-year period, Alexandra has returned to her roots, eager to explore the untouched and diverse terrains of her beloved Namibia. Her creative journey has been a dynamic blend of cultural experiences and natural wonders, shaping her unique artistic perspective and defining her exceptional approach to photography.

Through her career, Alexandra Klöhn has garnered acclaim for her collaborations with prestigious brands and artists, gracing the pages of international magazines. 

Join her on this enchanting journey and discover the captivating narratives woven within each breathtaking image. 

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Welcome to the enthralling world of Alexandra Klöhn!

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Step into a world where fashion collides with the raw beauty of Namibia's landscapes. Follow @prod_point_ for exclusive on-location fashion productions, offering a unique opportunity to experience the magnificence of Alexandra Klöhn's homeland through the lens of fashion and art. With Alexandra's expertise in orchestrating these productions, you're in for a seamless fusion of Namibia's raw beauty and the creative vision of fashion. The result? Stunning imagery that captures the essence of both the land and the fashion it embraces.


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