'SHE IS MUSE' by Alexandra Klöhn.

In today's society, the conversation surrounding body image and self-acceptance has undoubtedly gained momentum. Despite this progress, the prevalence of unattainable beauty standards perpetuated through various media platforms remains a persistent challenge. Even with the inclusion of diverse body shapes and sizes, the ubiquitous presence of the "ideal" figure can often trigger feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt among women.

She is Muse is a heartfelt response to these challenges, stemming from Alexandra's profound insights gained while working closely with industry models. Witnessing the impact of their self-judgment under the weight of client and agent expectations prompted questions about how the everyday woman, juggling multiple responsibilities at home and work, grapples with societal beauty ideals that seem unattainable.

Through a transformative approach blending introspection, graceful movement, and the artistry of sensual photography, She is Muse aims to nurture a deep sense of confidence and self-love. It serves as an intimate exploration and celebration of the unique beauty found within every individual. The project endeavors to remind women of the importance of finding self-love from within and embracing the inherent confidence that comes with embracing their uniqueness.


8 Day She is Muse - Reflect, Flow & Bare in the Namib Desert
a Healing, Moving and Sensual Photography retreat in the heart of the Namib Desert hosted by Alexandra Klöhn with Anna Wucher & Liezl Hoving
Client Tailored One on One Sessions
8 Day She is Muse - Reflect, Flow & Bare in the Namib Desert
a Healing, Moving and Sensual Photography retreat in the heart of the Namib Desert hosted by Alexandra Klöhn with Anna Wucher & Liezl Hoving
Client Tailored One on One Sessions
8 Day She is Muse - Reflect, Flow & Bare in the Namib Desert
a Healing, Moving and Sensual Photography retreat in the heart of the Namib Desert hosted by Alexandra Klöhn with Anna Wucher & Liezl Hoving
Client Tailored One on One Sessions

Ignite an enchanting 8-day odyssey amidst the timeless beauty of the Namib Desert, a landscape steeped in ancient allure. This exclusive retreat extends an invitation to the everyday woman to shed her veil, delve within, and center herself, fostering self-love and building confidence and indulge in moments of magic.

Indulge in an intimate sunrise photo session and soul-enriching yoga, accentuating the retreat's focus on personal growth. Craft intentions under the vast African sky, savour brunch in iconic Sossusvlei, and experience transformative movement sessions in mesmerising Deadvlei. This tailored journey seamlessly blends wellness, mindfulness, and the irresistible charm of Namibia.

Engage in enchanting stargazing nights, and capture your transformative journey through personalised journaling sessions. Join us on a jubilant celebration of self-discovery and empowerment, a dance within the embrace of the ancient desert's empowering spirit.

Seize your spot for an immersive and empowering rendezvous with She is Muse, where every moment unfurls as a canvas for transformative beauty. Your journey awaits, wrapped in the allure of self-discovery and the magic of Namibia.

8 Day She is Muse - Reflect, Flow & Bare in the Namib Desert

Join us for a transformative experience at the She is Muse retreat.

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Don't miss your chance to embark on a poetic journey of self-discovery, movement, and celebration in the heart of Namib Naukluft.

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Alexandra Klöhn - Photographer and Founder of She is Muse

Unveil your unique story, through empowering sensual photography, rediscover authenticity and celebrate the beauty within.

Anna Wucher - Holistic Psychologist

Guides you through transformative healing. Embrace self-love, soften judgment, and find clarity. Your mind-body alliance awaits!

Liezl Hoving - Yoga and Embodiment Facilitator 

Discover your expansive beauty, inspired by the Namib Desert. Dive into daily yoga, breath sessions, and sunset practices.


Unwind in the cozy embrace of Namib Naukluft during the She is Muse retreat. Our 10 freestanding, air-conditioned chalets, each equipped with double beds, offer a peaceful sanctuary for rejuvenation. With en-suite facilities, air conditioning, a fridge, and a coffee station, each room is meticulously designed to blend with the Namib Desert surroundings. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, finding the perfect fusion of comfort and tranquility. After days filled with self-discovery, retreat to your sanctuary for a restful night's sleep, preparing for the next transformative adventure.

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"I love how liberating the shoot was for me. I was always insecure about my bum and thighs and wore short over my costumes. After seeing the photos, I saw just how beautiful my body actually is, I feel more confident. I realised that I don't have as much as I thought, to work on. Now I'm eating better and exercising, but for the first time, I am doing it from a place of love and appreciation for my body.
Thank you for showing me my beauty!" - N

"The shoot I did with Lexi was a spur of the moment idea. One that I will always be proud of doing. Before the shoot I was happy with my body, but after the shoot. I was in love with my body. For the first time I saw my actually beauty, not skin beauty but beauty from inside!! I got a glimpse into what others see, I was encouraged to more and be me. She captured moments of me, where when I look at them. I see the woman inside, someone who is strong, connected to Mother Earth and beautiful because of her sensitivity. I have proudly shown my shoot to people, and advocated that if they want to do a shoot where you get to see the Queen inside. Lexi is the only photographer to go with!!" - A

"I am personally a very introverted woman. Being completely vulnerable in front of people is something I would never allow for myself. But I decided to have this photoshoot to push my boundaries. Lexi was amazing at making me feel comfortable. To me, this is more than a job to Lexi, it is who she is. She is amazing and in the end my experience empowered me as a woman. I would definitely recommend her to many. Thank you for an amazing experience." - E

"My nude photoshoot with Lexi literally changed my life! My husband of 20 years always told me I was beautiful. He always made me feel beautiful, but despite his constant words of encouragement, inside I always felt I was not. I felt guilty for feeling the opposite of what he was telling me, and felt I owed it to him to show him that I believed him and appreciated his love, so when his birthday came around, I really wanted to show him how much I loved him and that’s when I started thinking of doing a nude photoshoot to surprise him.
I contacted Lexi after seeing some of her beautiful photos on Instagram. I was beyond nervous, and had no idea what to expect, but Lexi with absolute professionalism and care from start to finish walked me through, what I count as one of the most important experiences of my life. Working with Lexi opened the door to self-love, confidence and empowerment as a woman, that I never had before. Lexi’s talent is extraordinary, in that she is able to see the individual beauty that is inside you, capture it and present it against stunning landscapes.
My husband absolutely loves the pictures, and says it was the best gift I could ever have given him, because with the photos he got the gift of a wife, who is now confident and loves her body.
I will be doing another shoot with Lexi when I’m 50… and probably again every decade thereafter if I’m blessed to still be on this planet… because we owe it to ourselves to be true to who we are, and celebrate the beautiful gift of being a woman." - P

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